What is FlosCash - فلوس كاش ?

FlosCash - فلوس كاش هو موقع مجاني تماما يمكنك من ربح الأموال عن طريق اختصار الروابط ومشاركتها بأسعار مرتفعة .. سجل الآن .

اختصر الروابط واربح المال !

الاشتراك للحصول على حساب في دقيقتين فقط. بمجرد الانتهاء من تسجيل الحساب الخاص بك يمكنك البدء فى اختصار الروابط ومشاركتها مع الاصدقاء والعائلة لربح المال .

What do you need to know about our website ?

Our website is a Url shortner website. We do have the Highest CPM for USA,Canada,Australia and UK.

How much can you earn from our website ?

As mentioned before,we have the highest CPM for USA,Canada,Australia and UK So you can Earn up to 100$/day.

What are the Payment methods that we support ?

We support several payment methods. We can pay you on PayPal,EgyPost,Bitcoin,Orange Money,Etisalat Flous and Vodafone cash.

What is the minimum withdraw amount ?

We have the lowest minimum withdraw amount which is only 5$.

when will you get paid after withdrawing your earnings ?

After you withdraw your earnings,its only a matter of hours till you get your payment we have the most speed payment system(we pay you daily.